Wombat Milk Replacer 0.4

Wombat Milk Replacer 0.4


0.4, 190g/Litre

Pack Size

190g, 950g, 5kg

Wombat Milk 0.4 190g
$9.65 incl. GST
Wombat Milk 0.4 900g
$42.60 incl. GST
Wombat Milk 0.4 5kg
$152.50 incl. GST
Currently Unavailable


Min Crude Protein32%
Min Crude Fat21%
Max Fibre0%
Max Salt1%

Three stages of wombat milk are available.  The stage required is dependent on the developmental stage of the joey.  The illustrations on the front of each packet provide a visual guide in determining the milk type to be used.  The wombat milk replacers are suitable for all species of wombats.

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