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Pademelon park Wildlife refuge is a non profit organisation. The proceeds of all sales goes directly to the protection & welfare of all our wildlife in care here at the refuge.

Pademelon Park Wildlife Refuge are the Tasmanian distributors for Wombaroo wildlife milk formulas & other related products as well as Passwell bird supplies and supplements .

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Registered Carers, Bird Clubs & Shelters

For those buyers who are registered carers , members of bird clubs or wildlife/ animal shelters, once you have completed the setup of your account  by clicking the Register button at the top of the screen, Then you can access our special rates by Logging In (at the top of the page) with you Username & Password , GST is already included and postage  & handling will be added upon checkout for your shopping cart


Wholesale prices can be accessed for those on-selling the products for instance vets and pet shops.

Once you have set up your account by clicking the Register button at the top of the screen you can access prices for wholesale amounts which do not have GST or postage & handling  added until the order in your shopping cart is ready for checkout.


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