Pre Release Enclosure

Joeys hanging in pouches all around the nursery and 4 of them at that stage were Eastern Greys (Foresters) going to need somewhere for them to get sunshine and exercise, the old area was just too small, plus it now has permanent residents of 2 pademelons that because of their injuries, they are unable to be released.

How big do we need and fenced with what we thought?

A great deal of research and then a last minute change of plan regarding the chosen wire, for a higher fence and we were away. A small grant from the Bendigo Bank towards the cost enable us to get started. our pre-release enclosure is 900 square metres of bush and grass, with a planned 2nd extension to one side of the same size again when some donaations come in which will enable us to go ahead again, and an unplanned but desperately needed 3rd extension of 350 square metres which was built when we ran out of grass during this last very dry summer. A small weatherproof area for the pouches to hang in and also for us to feed bottles in when it does rain, was another added improvement and it is used by the Foresters , as their fur. especially when they are small joeys, is not very waterproof, unlike the Bennetts and Pademelons, which when they give themselves a shake, the raindrops just fly off.

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